KAIZEN Glossary

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Five S (5S)

Five Japanese words (recently translated into five American words) which refer to systemically cleaning up and maintaining a clean, efficient working environment. A 5S campaign is frequently used to introduce Total Productive Maintenance into a factory.

SEPARATE/SCRAP - get rid of all unused equipment, machinery and parts.

STRAIGHTEN - arrange all needed equipment, tools, so that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place, easy to locate and close to where it is used.

SCRUB - clean up, paint and repair all machinery, aisles, etc.

SPREAD - make cleaning and putting things away routine.

SYSTEMATIZE - standardize the process.

Flexible Manning (Shojinka)

A way of managing person-power on the line such that when demand decreases, workers can be re-deployed to areas where needed, or when demand increases, they can be deployed to areas requiring additional support. Preferred to the system of maximizing machine efficiency, which pays no attention to customer demand and TAKT time.

Foundation of KAIZEN

The Three Principles and Seven Concepts of KAIZEN, which serve as a foundation for the systems and tools required for implementation of continual improvement and Total Quality Management, and which shape the culture and thinking of an organization's leadership.


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