KAIZEN Glossary

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SDCA Cycle (Standardize, Do, Check, Act)

A refinement of the PDCA cycle aimed at stabilization of production processes prior to making attempts to improve.


A way of managing person-power on the line such that when demand decreases, workers can be re-deployed to areas where needed, or when demand increases, they can be deployed to areas requiring additional support. Preferred to the system of maximizing machine efficiency, which pays no attention to customer demand and TAKT time.

Speak With Data

One of the Seven KAIZEN Concepts. Refers to the importance of collecting solid evidence wherever possible before making decisions. Stresses the importance of going to Gemba and collecting data from the source.

SQA (Supplier Quality Assistance)

As part of GWQC, it is essential that this system is in place to make sure that incoming materials and components meet quality specifications.


One of the Seven KAIZEN Systems. Pertains to enhancing and enforcing standards throughout an organization.

Standardized Work

As defined at Toyota, this is the optimum combination of workers, machines and materials. It includes - (1) Production to TAKT time, (2) Defined work sequence, and (3) Standard work in process.


A set of policies, rules, directives and procedures established by management and workers for all major operations which serve as guidelines enabling all employees to perform their work in the best, easiest, healthiest and safest way currently known.

Statistical Quality Control (SQC)

The use of statistical tools (Pareto Charts, Histograms, Check Cause-and-Effect Diagrams, etc.) to ensure that machines are within acceptable tolerances, or to solve quality problems through the use of tools.

Suggestion System

One of the Seven KAIZEN Systems, Suggestion System is an essential part of individual-oriented KAIZEN. Its design is carefully plotted, implemented and communicated. Scrupulous attention is paid to top management responsiveness, and to developing a system of feedback, recognition, and rewards.


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