Global Skills, Experience and Competence


Our consultants are trained to understand your needs and provide advice tailored to your requirements.

Whether it is a Lean diagnosis through a KAIZEN Audit or the implementation of a continuous improvement strategy you are guaranteed up to date global methodologies, delivered with the utmost competence.

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Knowledge is key!

At KAIZEN College we deliver a comprehensive program of training seminars. The College delivers globally developed methodologies with a focus on practical solutions in areas such as KAIZEN Foundations, Lean principles, Total Flow Management, JIT, Total Service Management (Lean Office), TPM and Lean IT.

We also offer customised in-house coaching tailored to your requirements.

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See how top companies implement KAIZEN, TPM, JIT, Flow Management or KAIZEN in the Service Industry.

Our insightful tours provide an opportunity to visit a World Class company and be inspired to adopt some of the principles. The tour also provides a forum for the exchange of knowledge and experience with peers from a variety of different industries.

The KAIZEN Institute Benchmarking Tours are a “must” for anyone embarking on a Lean journey.

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To attain world class performance investment in developing motivated, qualified resources is required for your company.

The KAIZEN Institute has developed a tiered qualification & certification program that will enable your company to obtain lean skills based on global best practice. The qualification levels are KAIZEN Practitioner, KAIZEN Coach and KAIZEN Manager. This allows you, over time to build up KAIZEN specialists who know and apply the lean tools and can professionally support and drive the improvement process.

There is certification at each of the qualification levels which can be gained through practical application and also written and verbal examinations for the KAIZEN Coach and KAIZEN Manager Certification

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  • 17 февраля 2016 г. В KAIZEN Institute прошел вебинар "Индустрия 4.0: четвертая промышленная революция и методики Кайдзен"
  • 1 декабря 2015 г. В Учебном центре Кайдзен Институт в Москве прошел открытый сертификационный семинар Кайдзен-Тренер
  • 2 октября 2015 г. В Москве прошел открытый сертификационный семинар Кайдзен-Практик
  • 25 сентября 2015 г. Визит немецкого эксперта Kaizen Institute Карстена Отто на заводы Корпорации ВСМПО-АВИСМА

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